Finally I realized my dream and bought an old, but restored farmyard from the foundation time of moor commissionar Finndorf some 180 years ago.
This was the exciting moment, when my Cardigan theory should become actual practice. My first Cardigan puppy „Adda vom Galloway Yard“ aka PENNY came 1987 as a companion for my old boxer „Nica vom Delmestrand“annie871
Adda vom Galloway Yard

Soon I bought from Pamela Walker’s last litter „Jezalin Fairy Fox“, a nine month old sable bitch, who will always be my shadow, even if others cannot see her.
Jezalin Fairy Fox

I bred 15 litters Deutsche Boxer since 1972 in Quickborn under the prefix „von den Cimbern und Teutonen“.
When I started to breed Welsh Cori Cardigans in 1989 under a new Kennel prefix. fitting to the so different breed of Welsh Corgis Cardigan. I decided to call my litters
„Jolly Cardis“. I bred 12 litters til 1994. Most successful was „Multi CH Jolly Cardis Dodo my Delight“, out of my foundation bitch „Multi CH Adda v. Galloway Yard“ and the British Multi CH Bymil Black Treacle“. dodoJolly Cardis Dodo MY DELIGHT
When I got fed up to protest my kennel prefix against new kennels with very similar names. I decided to protect internationally the unique Kennel prefix FAYDOM. My M litter between my sucessful British stud „CH Antoc Gregory“ and my Danish“Multi CH Tuuantei Wendy“ brought „Faydom Sparkling Monstone“, aka Kiwi. She should become one of the best bitches for famous Finnish kennel „Yardican“. She is behind uncountable many champions in European countries, USA, Australia and even Asia. Til nowadays she has an excellent influence on so much later born puppies. I recognize immediately, if Kiwi is in the relevant pedigree.
Faydom Sparkling Moonstone aka KIWI

In 1995 I made up my mind to move to Finland with my friend Tuulia Heikkinen. She started to breed Australian Cattle Dogs, who accompany our life since then.
My Cardigans emigrated with me and enjoyed the leachless Finnish nature. After years they all died of age and left a big hole in my life until a new puppy came to fill the „Cardi emptiness“. My KIWI, known in so many pedigrees in Europe, USA and even in some African and Asian countries, was born on 28th of April in 1994 died after 14 years of being all her life healthy.She gave three times birth for my friend Meri Tuuli Aalto under her kennel prefix „Yardican“.I thank Meri for this monument of a wonderful bitch.

After years of joy with my older getting corgis, the day came, when my last corgi died.
2005 a brindle bitch puppy,Geestland’s Silent Song, called PENNY came to my home. A tragical accident caused a complicated breaking of one hind leg and ended so her career as show dog and mom-to-be before it started.Since then she is ruling the pack of my friend’s Australian Cattle Dogs.
She is my spoiled darling, convinced she is the one and only corgi in this world.

„Geestland Silent Song“ was my first Finnish born Welsh Corgi Cardigan.
I collected her in a taxi van, whose owner and driver covered everything
with thick layers of newspapers, were watching eight weeks old PENNY
with eyes full of suspect and was pretty sure, that she would either
bite him seriously in a second or cover his new car with faeces and
urin from ceiling to floor.

Nothing of all that happened. She was sleeping on my lap all the long way.
When she became older, she decided, that she would rather walk through
life as a lonely wanderer, than accept the fact, there are some people
with brains and some nice doggy friends..It flatters me, that she believes,
I am the only exception,though I am lacking two more legs…

Here is my one and only PENNY, meanwhile 11 years (2012) young.
this is my father „CH Geestland Firm Fascinator“
And this is my mother „CH Blondie’s Prima Donna“
Finnish Data Base::

Result of Breeding from 1989 – 1996

In 15 litters 80 puppies were entered to „Klub fuer Britische Huetehunde“(FCI) in Germany and Suomen Kennelliitto (FCI) in Finland.
For these litters I used 9 different sires from Germany, Danmark, Netherlands and Great Britain. Out of these nine were four my own sires.
Over the years I imported „CH Antoc Gregory“, who sired also in Austria, Italy and Germany. e gave me the most beautiful Cardigans with an outgoing and friendly temperament.Another male was „Salvenik Sea Treasure“ from Teresa Maddox, whom I used twice for my own bitches. Unfortunately he passed om in both brindle litters blue eyes.He also sired one litter for the Danish kennel Avonaire. After this fault became obvious I took him out of breeding.Another English import was so wrong in temperament,that I never used him. I was proud of my Cardigan’s happy and outgoing temperament.In 1994 I chose a black-white male puppy from his breeder Marianne Jensen. It was Hashfan Garcon aka KALLE. KALLE worked as a stud 7 times with very good results for various German and Finnish kennels.
All 30 males were intact males. I never had any testical fault. nor went any of my offspring ill of an inherited illness. PRA free.

The success of my offspring was always best, when I used famous multi CH Bymil Black Treacle. He is for me a guarantee for quality even, if he is eight, nine ancestors away in the pedigree of puppies.

CH Antoc Gregory
In 1993 Antoc Gregory came to me, after his Austrian owner died unexpectedly. He had a very nice temperament and found quickly his place in my Cardigan gang.
Some breeders in Germany, Austria and Italy used him for their bitches.In my home Austrian CH,Tschechian CH and VDH Europasieger mated Jgd Ch Jolly Cardi Cardis Ashley who gave birth to 5/2 puppies.Out of these Jolly Cardis Kundry was very successful in the ring. She died with 18 years of age.
After mating my English bitch Jezalin Fairy Fox to him, he sired my M litter. His last litter was with my Danish bitch Tuulantei Wendy.Meanwhile he won many more titles from Kopenhagen Winner, Bundessieger ’93 and ’94, VDH CH and Deutscher Club CH next to his earlier titles. Amongst 12 puppies was my star Faydom Sparkling Moonstone aka KIWI, who passed on her outstanding quality for Meri Tuuli Aalto’s successful kennel “Yardican”. Moving to Finland and suffering under some heavy attacks of Multiple Sklerose,my dear friend Meri Tuuli mated her to various studs in Great Britain, USA and in Finland. Seeing and estimating the career of her offspring, made me nevertheles very sad, that I did not have her around me. After three litters with Meri Tuulia she returned home.I am very thankful to my friend Meri Tuuli as she made KIWI famous in so many pedigrees of so many great champions.Thanks to her studs Faydom Sparkling Moonstone aka KIWI can be found in many pedigrees of famous Welsh Corgi Cardigans in all continents.

Health: HD A
Eyes: no inherited illnesses
Spine: no spondylosis
PRA free

Über acdisla

Mit 20 Jahren war ich verheiratet und mit 28 Jahren hatte ich drei Töchter. Ih war eine gute Hausfrau und Mutter. Kochen, Waschen, Hausaufgaben mit den Kindern, kutschierte alle zu den Freizeitaktivitäten und, und und. Abends dann Befriedigung des Ehemanns. Mit 37 Jahren war ich am Ende. Drei Selbstmordversuche zeigten meine Verzweiflung. Geändert haben sie an meiner ehelichen Einöde nichts. Ich rettete mich durch Scheidung, lernte mit Feuereifer und fand einen interessanten, mich fordernden Beruf.Unterstuetzung gab mir eine neue Freundin. Die Rechnung fuer 17 Jahre ehelicher Vergewaltigung kam in Form eines Koma in dem eine meiner drei Töchter neben meinem Bett sass. Das folgende Jahr verbrachte ich im Krankenhaus und erholte mich langsam von einer fast ganzseitigen Lähmung, Verlust meiner Muttersprache und meiner Erinnerung. Halbwegs wieder intakt, bekam ich Multiple Sklerose. Nach einem langjährigen Versuch Kindern in einem Kuenstlerdorf Sport beizubringen, habe ich einen idyllischen Restbauernhof gekauft und ein Hotel fuer Hunde aufgemacht. Das wurde der grösste und erfolgreichste Spass in meinem Leben. Inzwischen fand ich in Finnland ein traumhaftes Zuhause. Auf 50 000 qm konnen wir und unsere Hunde so frei leben, wie wir es uns erträumt hatten. Mir hat die MS inzwischen einen elektrischen Rollstuhl beschert, was der Mobilität ganz neue Dimensionen gibt. Meine Gedanken habe ich hier teils in Reimen, teils in Prosa aufgeschrieben. Viel Spass beim Lesen.
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